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Center for Remote Sensing
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The Center for Remote Sensing coordinates interdisciplinary research on Earth and Planetary surfaces using the multifaceted tools of remote sensing imagery. It engages with other research programs of the IGPP branch at UCSC to enhance interdisciplinary research on surface processes and changes affecting the ocean, land, and land-sea interface on Earth and other planets. The Center also engages with related research programs at other IGPP branches as well as system-wide, to augment the impact of UCSC programs in this arena. The Center consolidates substantial existing strengths in several academic divisions under a single organizational structure, facilitating new collaborations both on- and off-campus.

Remote sensing of the Earth and other Planetary surfaces is a rapidly growing science that cuts across a wide range of disciplines, including volcanic, tectonic, biologic, oceanographic and environmental studies of the Earth’s surface, as well as the search for past and present life on other planetary surfaces. It involves multispectral, hyperspectral and thermal imaging, RADAR and LiDAR imaging, and the engineering development of new remote sensing tools. The close interaction between scientists and engineers at UCSC distinguishes this program from many others and leads to exciting interdisciplinary ventures not possible without such interactions.

The Center for Remote Sensing participates in the management of the Airborne Sensor Facility at NASA Ames, in conjunction with NASA’s Earth Science program and with the University Affiliated Research Center, which oversees major UC – NASA programs in science and engineering.